Test Feathers

As I prepare to build the phoenix sculpture for the DeKalb County Georgia 9/11 Memorial, I am experimenting with techniques and textures that I may use on its large steel feathers.  Planning out the process that I will take to hand shape and texture every feather in the final sculpture is an essential part of the build, but I cannot help but be anxious to start on the big feathers!

You can subscribe to this blog and keep up with images of the project’s progression by clicking the link to the right.  Thank you for your interest, and for supporting the memorial.



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2 responses to “Test Feathers

  1. wheres the “LIKE” button?

  2. I am very proud to announce that the law firm where I work has made a most generous donation of $500.00 to the cause. It was my privilege to personally deliver the check to Firefighter Harms at the site this past Saturday. Awesome progress! Please support this cause. We should never forget what happened on September 11, 2001 Thank You, Alejandro Lopez

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